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    Innovation Strategy for Law Firm Leaders

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    The Lawyer-Client Disconnect

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Since we launched the FT Innovative Lawyers reports and awards in 2006, we have become intimately acquainted with the challenge that law firm leaders have in creating – and sustaining – a culture of innovation. Obstacles such as the billable hour, law firm structures, remuneration systems and the very nature of law as a profession make the challenges perennial.

In a new resource from RSG, we distill our learning from over 25 years of researching the profession. In particular, we have gathered our insights to answer this one question: ‘How can you create and maintain an innovative law firm?’

It is about far more than knowing the best technologies to use. It is about understanding lawyers’ behaviours and what motivates them. It is about leadership and management and understanding clients and, finally, it is about what works and what doesn’t.

Constructed as a slide deck with case studies, we have created a practical aid for anyone tasked with developing strategies to better lead their firms. Our insights are illustrated with case studies from our FT reports. Whilst we share many of our own bespoke frameworks, we also adapt those of leading innovation academics and writers such as Clayton M. Christensen and Steve Johnson to lawyers so the resource can be used for multiple purposes.