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** RSG Consulting has moved. Our new address is: ScreenWorks, 22 Highbury Grove, Islington, London, N5 2EF. We look forward to welcoming you to our new space! **

In a new RSGi resource, we distil our learnings from nearly 30 years of researching and analysing the legal profession. Specifically, we answer this one question: ‘How can you create and maintain a forward-thinking law firm?’

We know the challenge that law firm leaders have in creating – and sustaining – a culture of innovation. Obstacles such as the billable hour, law firm structures, remuneration systems and the very nature of lawyers as professionals mean that the challenges are perennial.

Being a relevant law firm is about far more than knowing the best technologies to use. It is about understanding lawyers’ behaviours and what motivates them. It is about leadership and management. It is about truly hearing the voice of the client. And finally, it is about what works and what doesn’t.

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