Defining Law Firm Brand

With over 20 years experience analysing, ranking and researching law firms, RSG Consulting has devised a new process to understand a law firm’s brand.

Based on client experiences and partner perceptions, we use a case study approach to elicit insights into what makes a law firm unique. The process identifies what truly differentiates a firm from its peers and provides clarity on the firm’s value proposition and culture. Our approach can inform and energise your:

  1. Marketing strategy
    • Review the messaging around your brand and values
    • Differentiate your firm with the language of your clients
    • Create a brand message that is more consistent with your culture
  2. People strategy
    • Start a different conversation with your people about your culture and brand
    • Encourage lawyers to embody the best of the firm
    • Improve recruitment and promotion processes
  3. Business development
    • Communicate with clients in language that resonates with them
    • Improve client experiences across the board
    • Know what “wows” your clients with a view to doing more of it
    • Give your people the tools to be brand ambassadors