As a female-founded and led organisation, we at RSG have been thinking of a way we can use our position in the industry to further the D&I agenda. We speak to hundreds of sparky, inspiring and impressive women every year as part of our research for the global FT Innovative Lawyers programme. It is a pleasure and a privilege to count many of them as professional friends.  

 Today, we are thrilled to announce a new initiative and collaboration: RSGwomen.

 Here’s our idea: 

  • As we did with innovation 13 years ago, we want to create a movement around legal entrepreneurship. We will introduce a new award to the FT Innovative Lawyers programme – The Legal Entrepreneur Award. This is not about legal start-ups, but about cultivating and recognising a mindset, a different way of working, self-starters and women who make waves in their organisations. We want to recognise people who start initiatives and make them successful. 
  • To do this, we want to act as a connector to all the women’s groups that we know in legal globally to create the world’s largest network of women mentors, advisors, innovators and investors for the purpose of expanding and supporting the community of women innovators and entrepreneurs in the legal industry. 

The collaboration: 

An exciting part of this new initiative is a collaboration with Integra Ledger, founder of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium and the Global Legal Hackathon.  

We have decided to partner with them on their GROWL initiative – the Global Rise of Women in LegalTech. Over the next month, we’ll be working to gather a group of mentors for this year’s global legal hackathon (GLH), with events held in 55 cities around the world on 22-24 February. 

Here’s how you can get involved: 

  • Sign on to be part of the group to receive information about the activity of other women’s groups and to share information and ideas.  
  • If you’re interested in getting involved as a mentor or would like to nominate women leaders in your organization to act as mentors in the February hackathon, please do get in touch. 

 We believe we can provide an independent, powerful platform to connect women’s groups around the industry and guide activity to encourage female entrepreneurs and legal tech innovators to come to the fore.  

 The RSG Team